Vacances en camping à Vias Plage, visitez le lac du Salagou grand site de France

You are staying at Vias Plage and wish to discover the tourist sites of Occitania? Located 40 km from the Mediterranean Sea, the Salagou Lake is a must-see site in the region. In the heart of the Hérault region, let yourself be surprised by an explosion of colours, unique in France.

Only 50 minutes by car from Sainte Cecilé, come across lake salagou and its legendary red land . Called the "Ruffe", the colour of its land comes from the iron oxides which is consist of.

Salagou's colour palette makes it a special place. The fire land blends perfectly with the intense blue of the water and the sky.
Created 50 years ago, this artificial lake is located next to Clermont l'Hérault and the villages of Mourèze and Liausson.

The Salagou valley, its lake and the Cirque de Mourèze, is an exceptional place classified as one of the Great Sites of France. Protected for its biodiversity and its unique geology in France, this outstanding site gives a breath of fresh air to everyone.

Built to fight flooding in the Hérault, the water reserve also irrigates the neighbouring vineyards and farmland. Its dam is a real technical feat for that period.
Today, the Salagou valley has become a must-see site to visit in the Hérault. Lovers of nature, water sports, fishing and walking can meet on the banks of this spectacular lake to enjoy all the treasures it has to offer.

Visit the Salagou lake during your camping stay in Vias Plage

The legend of the lost hearts of Salagou

During your walk in Salagou you will certainly notice the inscriptions formed by white stones on the ground. Hearts, first names and messages bear witness to the passage of lovers and walkers. A custom that has always been ingrained. Already in the Middle Ages, young couples declared their love on the rolling slopes of the Salagou.

Legend reveal that the daughter of the lord of Liausson once fell in love with a farmer from the village. Unfortunately, coming from two different worlds, their love story was forbidden and impossible. To declare their flame, the two lovers, distraught, drew hearts with white stones.

For the protection of the landscape and the site, it is preferable to avoid drawing hearts with the stones present on the site.

A walk suitable for all levels and families

The best way to discover Salagou is certainly to let yourself get lost along the way. Along the banks, the paths are suitable for walks with families and young children. Swimming areas have been set up and there is a water sports centre where you can learn to windsurf or paddle.

Don't hesitate to follow the various paths, you will discover many places and breathtaking views.

On the lakeside you can also admire the Stone buildings of the walkers and why not try to create your own.

Mount Liausson, a panoramic view of the Salagou valley

At the top of Mount Liausson the panorama of the Salagou valley valley is worth the diversion, but it has to be deserved.With a difference in altitude of about 600 metres, this hike is suitable for sports enthusiasts and can hardly be done with children. The path is steep and slippery. On the way, sometimes imposing rocks have to be climbed.

But, once you reach the top, the view is breathtaking. It is certainly the most beautiful way to discover Salagou! Starting from Liausson or Mourèze, the path is marked out and the signs are easy to follow.

Now, put on your trainers, set off on your adventure and don't hesitate to share it with us on social networks!

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