En vacances à Vias plage découvrez la station balnéaire du cap d'Agde

The harbour centre is one of the must-see places in Cap d'Agde. Ideal for a shopping day, it is a lively and lively place from April to September. Entirely paved, you will fall under the charm of the adjacent streets. On its square a big wheel, which offers a breathtaking view of the port, the sea and the pleasure boats.

Stroll around and admire the boats moored along the banks: fishing boats, sailboats, yachts... an amazing mix, just like the Cap d'Agde, where modern constructions and the ancient heritage of this ancient Greek city are mixed together.  

Grande Conque, the only black sand beach in France

Cap d'Agde, with its many kilometres of fine sandy beaches, is an unmissable seaside resort on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Wild, well-equipped, supervised, clear waters... bathing lovers will certainly find what they are looking for!

The cliffs and the beach of La Conque

It is certainly the most beautiful beach of Cap d'Agde. From the top of the cliffs the view is breathtaking. The water is crystal clear and transparent. This very special beach, carved directly into the cliff, is a must to visit during your stay at Vias Plage. Nearby there are several car parks for you to park.

Volcanic cliffs and black sand beach

Forged by lava directly into the rock, the conch beach is the result of several volcanic eruptions and sea erosion.

This crescent-shaped cove, sheltered from the wind and bathed by the sun, is the most popular of Cap d'Agde. Unique, it is the only black sand beach in France! Composed of basalt (volcanic rock), the black sand of La Conque is reminiscent of the beaches of Ireland and Martinique. To get there you will have to take a narrow staircase carved into the stone.

The legend of the Rock of the Two Brothers

Lying in the sand, you will not be able to miss the Rocher des Deux Frères, the remains of a volcanic cone. On these two peaks, which pierce the sea, you may see bathers who have ventured this far.

Legend has it that two brothers found a wounded mermaid on the seashore. Dazzled by its beauty, they took the creature in and cared for it for many weeks. Unfortunately, they both fell under the spell of the young mermaid. Their jealousy over her drove them mad and the two brothers killed each other.

Mad with grief and sadness, the mermaid who owed her life to the two brothers begged Poseidon, the god of the sea, to leave her a memory of the two men and their destructive passion. In response to his pleas, Poseidon erected two imposing and majestic rocks on the very spot where the two brothers met the beautiful mermaid.

Sea path: learning to snorkeling

Just next to the beach of La Conque, starting from La Plagette, we advise you to take the underwater path. Marked trail, follow the 5 buoys to discover the fauna and flora that grow at the foot of the cliffs. In particular, you will be able to observe the typical fishes of the Mediterranean sea bed :

  • red mullet
  • cuttlefish
  • dorados
  • or blennies.

Suitable for snorkeling, a mask and snorkel are sufficient to complete the course. We also recommend that you wear a pair of shoes to avoid injuring yourself on the rocks. The trail runs along the cliffs of La Conque for about 200 metres. The maximum depth is 5 metres. If you are a beginner do not hesitate to book a tour with a guide.

Sandy beaches and Mediterranean Sea

At Cap d'Agde, no less than 14 kilometres of beaches!

Rochelongue is a large beach of fine sand. It is supervised from June to September and is ideal for families. In its continuity the beach of Richelieu. Sandy castle, swimming, pedal boat hire, everything on site is designed to spend a pleasant day. To spoil nothing, take advantage of the unobstructed view of Fort Brescou.
All along, a pretty pedestrian promenade and a few steps away from the mall of Rochelongue. Shops, restaurants, ice-cream parlours, numerous shops and all the amenities.

At Grau d'Agde, the beach of La Tamarissière is certainly the wildest and one of the most beautiful. Bordered by the Verdisses pine forest, this beach extends as far as Vias Plage.

Discover the island of Bresou and its fort

Off the coast of Cap d'Agde, built on a volcanic island, Fort Brescou was once a state prison.

It was the Viscount de Joyeuse who initiated its construction in 1586. The Fort was first of all a defensive fort. In 1632, it was completely destroyed, then rebuilt in 1680. The new building attributed to Vauban then became a state prison thanks to its strategic location.

Even if the interior of Fort Brescou is not accessible for visits, we advise you to go there by boat. From Vias Plage or the towns of Agde and Marseillan, many walks are available.

If you are on holiday in Vias Plage on 15 August, the blaze of the Fort is an unmissable event of the season. The most: admire the fireworks from a boat directly on the water.

You now know everything, from the most beautiful places to visit to Cap d'Agde. Book your camping holiday and discover all its treasures!

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